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SINGLE REVIEW: Eva – Light Out

SINGLE REVIEW: Eva – Light Out
Eva – The Lights Does Go Out After You
Get High
Hard to imagine the female emcee topping
‘Get High’ audio and video , which I still
consider one of her best work, but with
conscious effort to put away that bias, I
checked out the new song (as well as the
video) – Lights Out.
Straying away from the hip hop comfort
zone into a reggae dance hall saw Eva
somewhat get more confident in filling her
bars but in trade for depth and creativity.
Nonetheless Lights Out is a love song so I
guess depth is not much of a giving, as
compared to Get High where the diva had a
point to prove in terms of her place in the
A closer listen and you find the Eva
alternating between Rihana and Nicki Minaj
personas, two people you can consider to be
her influence in the area of music and
fashion sense. Up the tempo and Lights Out
is set to be a club banger as it makes you
want to dance.
Talking about dance, the Eva did not have
much to offer in the video. Having seen Eva
dance at live music shows, going for
choreography along side AMBF crew was
kind of a wrong call. Let’s just say Davido
did a better job with Skelewu.
The most impressive scene from the video
has Eva in a Cadillac being her true self,
having fun and dropping her lines
expressively. As for the other dance and art
gallery scenes, it all felt like acting – that’s
subtle for fake.
Sure looking forward to the next sound and
scenes from Eva who is still has a lot to
prove to claim (or keep) the crown as
Nigeria’s #1 female emcee. As far Lights
Out go, it’s like she just stepped out to have
fun after getting high, and that is something
that often comes before the good stuff.


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